1. Purchase of raw materials
    When all raw materials arrive at the warehouse, the quantity shall be confirmed by the warehouse first, and then QC can enter the warehouse according to the inspection qualification.
    If there are quality problems, they shall be returned to the manufacturer after confirmed with the technology.

2.Spare part qualtity control
Accessories are divided into two types: factory production and outsourcing processing production. The factory produces by itself. In the production process, QC staff continuously check the product quality.
Provide the drawings and product requirements to the factory of the other party during the outsourcing process, and then the QC of the factory will copy or fully inspect the products according to the drawings and process

3.Inspection on production line
Each machine has a unique code of the machine. In the production and assembly line, each machine has a form to fill in the installation situation of each part.
QC will check the problems found in the above and ask relevant personnel to handle and save the installation of the whole machine without problems and then transfer to the whole machine for testing

4.The whole machine test
When the machine is assembled, QC personnel will use raw materials to test the machine. It takes about 5-8 hours for the whole machine to test each machine. The raw materials will be put into the machine to test each function and whether the machine has problems during the non-stop operation.
When a problem is found, it is recorded on the form in the following book and handled by the relevant personnel.

5.Clear & packing
After the whole machine is tested, the machine is cleaned and air-dried. Before packaging, QC will connect the power again to check whether the machine can work properly without any material.
At the same time, the packaging personnel will check whether the relevant accessories and follow-up accessories are put into the machine according to the customer’s order requirements, so that the whole machine can be shipped out of the factory after testing.

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