More than 13 years of experience in manufacturing soft ice cream machine, frozen Yogurt machine , ice cream blender ,one shot , hard ice cream machine, popsicle machine, vending machine, one-shot, pizza cone machine,sugarcane juice machine with cooling system ,smoothie ,vending burble tea machine, we are welcome OEM and ODM sevice , hommy tearm can do the best for you .

At this time of the year, hommy is the happiest to eat and participate in activities with colleagues. The boss explained that in the year we will increase the prize bigger, we will work hard! ! !
Hommy Group Party in 2019

Hommy use ZJ150 sugar cane juice extractor machine to do bazaar , only work 4 hours that sell out 438 bottles of sugar cane juice for one machine that mean one machine one hour sell out about 110pcs . if we use this machine to work in party one day that can sell suagr cane juice about 500-800 bottles , if we sell out usd:1.00/pcs , we only use 30 days we can get back my invest .this is good business .if you want to know more infornation about this machine please contact with hommy

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